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I'm Ashley-- a natural light, milestone photographer based in Roanoke, Virginia!  I wholeheartedly believe that a picture is worth a thousand words, and I'm quite sentimental.  I think that is one of the big reasons I was so drawn to photography...I love photographs, because they're a way to remember exactly what was happening at a certain moment in time.  And I just love looking back through photos to reminisce about sweet memories!!  I enjoy capturing special moments and authentic emotions for my clients so that they, too, can have memories that will last a lifetime!  

I'm love Jesus, quality time with my sweet family and friends, sunshine (especially that golden hour glow right before sunset), fresh flowers, laughter, and joy filled moments! I have a handsome hubby, Robert, who is wonderful and helps me with many of the behind the scenes aspects of my business!  We also just added the sweetest new member to our family a few months ago...  

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We love our golden pup so much, and that wet little nose brings so much joy to our lives! 

We're asked all the time, "What type of dog is she?"  I think it's because she looks like a golden, but her coat is almost white!  Ellie Mae is an English Golden Retriever.  English Goldens have blockier heads and are usually a bit bigger and broader than American Goldens, which are usually a bit lighter and leaner looking! Our Ellie girl is very, very light! Her coat is a soft cream color, and she's about as dark as she's going to get! We've had lots of people tell us that she looks like Falkor from The Never Ending Story!! What do you think? :)

She loves tennis balls and sticks, and will always retrieve a toy for anyone who walks through our door! She's a sensitive girl with loads of personality, and she likes to give us a 'look' when she doesn't get her way! Ha! She's the best little office assistant, and keeps me company on my editing days when all I do is stare at the computer screen for hours! We just love her to pieces! :)

ashley powell photography | our puppy ellie mae

Throw Pillows

I cannot walk into any store without going through the throw pillow/ blanket isle…Homegoods is my favorite place in the world. Kidding! But I do have a serious weakness for a pretty pillow. And if you don’t believe me, just ask my husband about how many we have…for each season! ;)


I love coffee (with a good dose of creamer and a packet of Truvia!) …for me it’s not just the coffee, it’s the experience! There's nothing much more comforting than a warm cup of coffee in the morning, y'all! 

All things romantic

I’m a hopeless romantic & a lover of history.  When you put those two things together you get manor houses, chivalry, carriages, and ball gowns… and I just swoon EVERY time! Chick flicks are my favorite type of movie (you probably could have guess that) and I love a happy fairytale ending!  Actually, I try to avoid all movies that don't have at least a semi-happy ending. The world is already full of so much sadness, so I choose to watch only the happy things that bring me joy!  


Like me, Robert loves history, so whenever we travel (which we love to do!) we try to find a historic site, house, or museum to visit.  The southern plantation homes are definitely my favorite...and Boone Hall Plantation in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina? If I could figure out a way to live there, I would in a heartbeat! 

the south

Speaking of southern mansions, I'm a southern girl through and through! Fried okra, peach cobbler, sweet tea, rocking chairs, and a wrap around porch…y’all when I’m in the south, my heart is happy! We visit my family in Alabama every year, and it's become like a second home to me!

My Faith

Most important of all, I am a follower of Jesus.  The reason I started my photography business is because I felt like I was being called to do it.  Before my photography business, I practiced photography as a hobby, and was a nanny for a family with 5 kiddos. I LOVED nannying, and I love kids. I actually studied child development in college, and while working with kids, I was in my comfort zone!  I knew how to be a nanny…I didn’t know how to run my own business. So the idea of taking photography from a hobby to a business was a scary thought! But after lots of prayer and conversations with friends and family, I took the leap. I am so thankful for all of the people God has brought into my life through this little business of mine, and I am eager to see what He does with it in the future! 

If you'd like to know more about our little family (especially Ellie Mae!), follow along on Instagram and Facebook!

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xoxo, Ashley