The Rising Tide Society's TuesdaysTogether groups are a place for Creative Entrepreneurs, Weekend Warriors, and Small Business CEOs to grown and thrive in the sprit of Community over Competition. 

Who is welcome?  All small business owners and creatives (both men and women)!

  • artists
  • bloggers
  • boutique owners
  • calligraphers
  • designers
  • event planners
  • florists
  • photographers
  • stylists
  • wedding pros
  • writers
  • & more!

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To join the Roanoke and New River Valley Tuesdays Together group, please fill out the form below!   You will be added to the group after your form has been submitted! 

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* Please note that while we are always accepting new members and are happy to add people to our group, we try to make sure that the members of our group are all local to promote a strong sense of community! There are Tuesdays Together groups all over the US, so if you are living in a different city and would like to connect with a Tuesdays Together Group, I would be happy to put you in contact with a leader in your area!