Blake | Senior Session

There's someone VERY special to me on the blog today!!  Everyone, meet my cousin Blake!!!  

Blake and I go way back to when he was born ;)  I remember holding this guy and feeding him a bottle!! Where did the time go?!  Blake and I have had a special relationship growing up, because we both have a LOVE for music and performing arts!! Every year when we get together at Thanksgiving we have a 'jam sesh' and it has been so amazing to watch him grow as a vocalist/musician over the past several years! Someday I'll probably be heading to NYC to see him on Broadway! ;) 

It's Blake's senior year at Chilton County High School & he's rocking it!  Last weekend he and his classmates put on a show called Christmas Spectacular, and he was the DIRECTOR!! The show was awesome, everyone who was involved at CCHS did an amazing job!! If you've been looking for a performance that will put you in the Christmas spirit (and if you love the movie Frozen!!), you can watch a recording of their show here:!!

Over Thanksgiving this year, Blake let me take some senior portraits for him...and we had so much fun!!  Congratulations, Blake, on all of your accomplishments...I'm so proud of you & I know you'll do big things after you graduate!! Love you cousin!! xo

Here are some of my favorites from Blake's session!! 

Honestly, I think that Blake has been secretly modeling for the past few years!

Awesome...just awesome! 

Seriously?! You have that model face down, Blake!! 

Oh my grown up!!

Love that smile!! 

Blake, you make this door look awesome!