The Claymans | Family Session


Happy New Year's Eve everyone!

I'm introducing MORE of my family on the blog today!!! Meet my sweet sister-in-law, Sami, her husband, Zach, and their sweet son, G.  We chose a beautiful location for this photo session, but ended up having to change it at the last minute because of some complications!  There is a park in Salem called Green Hill Park...I've done several photo sessions there, and the funny thing is, ALL of them look different!  I love exploring new areas of the park and trying to capture images differently.  It can be challenging to get 'unique' images when photographing in the same area over and over again, but it's also SO much fun, and it forces me to be creative! ;)  Speaking of fun...G is a ball of ENERGY and SO hilarious (you'll see his silly side in some of these images!!)  Robert and I love our little nephew so much and his excitement and energy made this session a blast!  Here are some of my favorites!! 

P.S. Don't miss The Clayman Family's BIG announcement at the end of the session!! ;) 


Y'all are too cute!!

The image on the right may be one of my new favorites!

It is WILD how much this little guy looks like a young Robert! Honestly, I think I've seen photos of Robert when he was little with that SAME goofy face!!

AND now for the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT... 

CONGRATULATIONS to the Clayman family...Baby Clayman will be arriving in May 2015!!!! 


Someone is excited! 

This little guy is getting a promotion to Big Brother in May!!