Abbey W. | Senior Session

We had a gorgeous evening for Abbey senior session a couple of weeks ago! Abbey brought her aunt, cousin, and best friend along with her to her session, and it was great to have them there! They helped Abbey with her outfits and accessories, and they made her laugh the whole time!! :) 

I think it’s fun when my seniors bring along a friend (or aunt or cousin, haha!) to their sessions, because I think that it helps them feel more at ease right off the bat! Being in front of a camera can be a little bit awkward and intimidating at first (which I remembered when we had our anniversary session last month!!!), and having a friend there helps to make things more laid back and fun! 

Thank you, Abbey, for asking me to capture this special milestone for you! I wish you the best of luck as you wrap up this chapter of your life and begin a new one!! 

Here are my favorite's from Abbey's Fall Senior Session! 

Abbey, you're gorgeous, girl!! 

I love these! 

None of us knew exactly how to tie a blanket scarf, and as Abbey said, it was important that she 'wear the scarf' instead of the 'scarf wearing her' haha! ;) Blanket scarfs have the tendency to swallow least that's what happens every time I try to tie one! But after looking at a quick tutorial, we got the scarf tied the right way, and it looks SO good!!  And now I know how to tie/wear a blanket scarf properly-- thanks y'all!! ;) 

This is one of my favorites!! 

Another favorite!! And doesn't Abbey have the most beautiful blue eyes?!!! 

Absolutely stunning, Abbey! 

So, SO gorgeous!!! 

Another favorite!!

I love this vest that Abbey wore! Herringbone and a monogram? Absolutely perfect! 

We grabbed these last few as the sun was disappearing down behind the mountains. It's funny how the 'okay just ONE more' shots often end up being some of my favorites! 

Love it!!