Baby Kesler | Newborn Session

When I arrive for a newborn session, the first thing I do is ‘scope out the house’ to find the best light! Natural light is so important for my style of photography, because I don’t use a flash. It’s funny how sometimes the best light is in the most odd places! For most of my newborn shoots, I end up either right next to a window or door— and stretchy pants are my best friend, because I’m always having tow wiggle around and get into weird positions to get THE shot! Ha! Almost every bit of Annsley’s session was done right by the Kesler family’s front door!! I was even out on the front porch at one point! 

I typically bring a whole set up for my newborn sessions…a PVC pipe stand to hold the backdrop blanket, a bean bag, multiple baskets, TONS of blankets, a reflector…the list goes on and on ;) 

When we found the perfect light for Annsley’s session, I realized that my pvc stand wasn’t going to fit in the front hallway!  So, I asked Ryan if he’d be willing to be my assistant for the day (i.e. essentially hold the blanket for the entire session and act as the PVC stand)!! Poor guy…I’m sure he was so tired of it by the time we were finished, but the images turned out GREAT because of his and Jessica’s help! I can’t say enough nice things about Jess, Ryan, and their sweet friend Amaura (who happened to be there for the shoot!)…they were so kind & so helpful the entire time! 

I met Jess & Ryan a month ago at their maternity session, and I just loved them! They’re so sweet and so much fun to be around. Dream clients! And when Jess told me they were home and ready for Annsley’s newborn session…I couldn’t wait to get over there to meet her! 

Y’all she is precious, and tiny, and beautiful!! I always say that my favorite part of photography is capturing relationships and emotion…and while I do love the more ‘posed’ newborn shots, those lifestyle shots get me every. single. time. Seriously…they’re so sweet!! 

Take a look for yourself! ;) Here are some of my favorites from Annsley’s newborn session!! 

This one is a favorite!

Look at those sweet little lips! 

Another favorite!

SO sweet!

Love, love, love this one!!

Oh my goodness...I can't even!

Precious one!

Those little toes!