Baby McNamara | Newborn Session

When I walked in to meet Baby McNamara, the first thing I noticed is that there were 'baby boy' decorations everywhere! Bette's sweet mom had decorated their house for their arrival back home after the hospital, and it was adorable! There was even a 'It's a boy!' flag outside! :) 

We started with the 'baby only' photos, because Baby J was so sleepy!  Actually, he slept very well throughout the entire session, so we made it through so many of my poses in record time! 

After that, we moved on to (my favorite!!) the lifestyle photos!  Y'all, they are just precious! I especially love the ones of Baby J and his big sister! The way she holds him & interacts with him is just too sweet! She also wanted to take a few photos during the session with her own camera, and it was so cute! Several times she said "I think I should take this picture, too!" :) She was the best little 4 year old assistant I've ever had! ;) 

Congratulations, McNamara family!! Y'all are such a beautiful family! 

newborn photography | ashley powell | roanoke, va photographer

This one is a favorite!

Sweet little toes!

newborn photography | ashley powell | roanoke, va photographer

There she is! My little assistant! ;) 

We caught a little smile!

So sweet!

Another favorite!


Love this one!