Baby Stump | Newborn Session

When I walked into Jake and Sarah's home, I was greeted by Lori, Jake's sweet mom, beautiful farmhouse decor, and TONS of window light! Having ample window light is a newborn photographers dream, because the minute I see all of that light, I know we'll be able to shoot in just about any room in the home! Sarah also had painted a lot of their walls shades of white, and it reflected the light so beautifully!  It made me want to run right home and repaint all of our walls white, ha! 

We started baby B's session with his 'baby only' photos after he'd fallen into a deep sleep, and while we were getting him settled, I had the chance to chat a bit with Sarah & Lori. I've known Lori for a while, because I grew up with her daughter, but I hadn't spent much time with Sarah.  One reason I love newborn sessions so much is because they're slower paced so I can actually sit down and chat with my clients while we get the baby settled!  Sarah is so, so sweet, y'all, and she's a wonderful mama to her two boys!  

I think it's safe to say that Sarah & Jake are going to have a house full of energy with their two kiddos (who are both under two)! ;) But boy, oh boy are these two boys precious!! Just wait until you see some of the images of baby B's big brother... he's adorable!! 

Thank you, Jake & Sarah, for having me in your home to capture this special time for y'all! It was so much fun getting to know you and your sweet family! 


Look at those tiny little fingers! 

Precious little guy! 

Here's big brother! Isn't he adorable?! 

Sweet kisses!

I love this one! 

We caught a yawn! 

This nautical nursery was absolutely adorable! 

One of my favorites!

Another favorite! 

Love this one! Baby B's hands look so tiny in his daddy's hands!