Keely | 2018 Senior Representative Session

I am so excited to introduce y'all to one of my 2018 Senior Representatives...Keely! Keely and I had such a great time at her session, and she is one of the most adorable, joy-filled people I've ever met! Seriously, her smile is so genuine and by looking at these images, I bet you'll be able to tell exactly the type of person she is...sweet to the core! :) 

We met at Carvin's Cove for her session, and we had amazing weather. I think Carvin's Cove is the only location that I actually HOPE for clouds, because when it's sunny there, it is SO bright! We started her session up in the beautiful wooded trail area, because it was super sunny, and then all of the sudden it started to cloud over! It was PERFECT and we got some beautiful shots by the water! 

I after their session, I ask each of my senior representatives a few questions so that I can highlight how special they are on my blog! :)  I loved reading through Keely's responses, and I bet you will, too! 

What are you most looking forward to about your senior year? 

The thing I am most excited for about my senior year is my last year of cheerleading! Being chosen as head captain was such a blessing and I am so thankful because that is something I have always dreamed of since I was a little girl watching the Salem Football games. The feeling under the Friday Night lights with my uniform on and my boys beside me on the field is indescribable and I am so excited to see the fun, new memories I will make with cheer this year. Although it's very heart breaking that it's my last year, I praise God for letting me have the experience of being part of such an amazing group.


If you could have given yourself one piece of advice as a freshman, what would that advice be? 

The advice I would give to myself as a freshman is to embrace every moment. As I entered high school, a numerous amount of people told me how fast it would fly by but I completely disregarded that statement. Now I wish I would've taken in every moment and truly savored it. Memories that I will never experience again were taken for granted. The past two years I have been on the Varsity Sideline Cheerleading Squad for Salem and it has been a blessing to have won State Titles during those years. I think back to these glorious moments and realize that after senior year is over, I will go back and watch Salem Football games but it won't be the same because I won't be under the lights on the field, I won't be in my uniform, and it won't be my boys on the field. High school memories are so amazing, so I'd tell myself to make the best of every moment and embrace everything.

Who is someone you really look up to and why? 

My role model is Mrs. Debbie Stratton. I met Mrs. Debbie as a little five year old girl as I entered her after school program at CUMC. She taught me so much about the Lord and His amazing love. She also influenced my love for children. This love continued into high school as she was my Early Childhood Education teacher. I have spent three years in this program and I couldn't have asked for a more loving, Godly woman to teach me the importance of loving the children of God.

What is your favorite song right now? 

Don't Blink by Kenny Chesney
(Click the song title to listen to Keely's favorite song while you scroll through her portraits!)


If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

A dream of mine is to go to Guatemala on a missions trip. Ever since I began learning Spanish in school, I have grasped onto it so easily and fell in love with the language in culture. I believe that the Lord does everything for a reason and that He would have only guided me into loving this language if I was going to change the world by using it. I would love to travel to Guatemala and teach little ones about the love of God.


Have you thought about what you're going to do after high school? If so, what would you like to do? 

I plan on attending Liberty University and majoring in Elementary Education with a specialization in Spanish. Go Flames!


Here are some of my favorite images from sweet, Keely's senior session!