Kendall | Senior Session

Friends!! I am so excited to share this session with you and to introduce you to Kendall!! She’s a senior at Virginia Tech with a heart of gold!!  Kendall will be graduating this May with a double major in Human Development (yay! HD was my major!!) and Psychology!! You go girl! After graduating she plans to attend Johns Hopkins in the fall to get her Masters in Special Education for Early Childhood! At Virginia Tech, Kendall is part of a service sorority, Chi Delta Alpha and she volunteers with Special Olympics!  During her shoot Kendall and I chatted, and y’all, she is SUCH a special person!! Her heart is so sweet, and I know that she is going to do great things in her field! 

We had PERFECT weather for Kendall’s session!! If you’ve ever been to Blacksburg in the spring, you know that it can be rainy and dreary for DAYS at a time, so we lucked out!! Kendall and her friend, Dee, met me at the Duck Pond to start her session and then we moved to Heritage Community Park for golden hour!! 

Here are some of my favorites from Kendall’s Blacksburg senior session!! 

Love this shot with the willow and the Duck Pond in the background!! Tech's campus is just gorgeous!!

Kendall mentioned that she loved the sunshine…and as you can tell, the sunshine loves her, too!! Girl, you’re glowing!!!! 

Kendall, you're stunning!!! 

Oh girl, you're just precious!! 

Look at those eyes!! During her session I asked Kendall if she got compliments on her eyes ALL the time.  She had the sweetest response… she told me that her grandmother passed away a few years ago and right afterwards someone mentioned that she had beautiful eyes that looked just like her grandmother’s.  Kendal told me that she was so touched by that, and that her eyes are one of her favorite features, because they are something from her grandmother that she can hold on to forever! How special is that story?! Kendall, I just love your heart! 

Love this 'Hokie' statement necklace!! 

Kendall, your model face is amazing, girl!!

Beautiful...just beautiful!!! 

Ahh!! I love it!! So cute!