Lauren & Matt | Couple Session

As a photographer, I have days that I shoot, days that I edit (ALL DAY LONG), and days that I work on the (not-so-fun) behind the scenes parts of my business.  Most days I just want to SHOOT, because photographing people & being behind my camera is my passion! But, because I am a portrait photographer, and I enjoy photographing people more than anything else, fulfilling that spontaneous urge to shoot can be tricky...mainly because as a portrait photographer, I need models! ;) A few weeks ago I had one of those days where I was just dying to photograph outside.  It had been raining & cloudy for several days, and on this particular day, the sun FINALLY broke through the clouds! 

It just so happened that my brother, Matt, and his sweet girlfriend, Lauren were in town, so I snagged them for a quick mini session in the summer sunshine! It’s so fun to do spontaneous, low pressure shoots, because it’s easy to try new things & experiment! In my opinion, practicing with my camera in hand is the BEST way to learn and hone my craft! 

Here are a few of my favorites from their mini session! We were actually shooting in my parents’ front yard, believe it or not!!! ;) 

Couples Session | Ashley Powell Photography | Roanoke, Virginia