Mama Musings: Jack's 6th Month

I cannot believe that my sweet little baby is 6 months old!! I also cannot believe I started this post at the beginning of February, and now it's the 23rd! HA! We'll chalk up the delay to a very busy 6 month old boy! :)  I've heard so often lately that the days are long but the years are short...and that is just so true! We had a lot of changes this month!

Here's what's new: 

  • Screeching just for fun: Jack has learned that he can screech/yell...and he LOVES to practice! ;) It's a happy screech, but this boy has some lungs!! Ha! 
  • Rolling from back to belly:  Jack rolled from his back to his belly in the middle of the night one night! I woke up and looked at the monitor one morning to see my little back sleeper on his BELLY! 
  • Sleeping on his side & belly: After he figured out he could roll onto his belly, Jack turned into a side and belly sleeper! 
  • Starting baby food-- stages 1 & 2!: We started with peas, and Jack didn't love them! ;) Now he's eating stage 2 baby foods, and his favorites are sweet potatoes, apples, pears, and peaches!  
  • Sitting up pretty well without assistance!:  He still bobbles a little bit, but Jack loves to sit up and play with his toys! We put a boppy around his back to catch him if he does fall, and he's doing really well! 
  • Chewing, chewing and more chewing!: We're going to have some teeth coming in soon! (Update: Since I wrote this at the beginning of Feb. he's had TWO teeth come in!!)