Mama Musings : Jack's 9th & 10th Months!

Y'all...the month of May. WHY is it always crazy?! No matter how little I put on our schedule, I feel like it's inevitably busier than other months! And with that being said...I'm doing a combined 9 & 10 month blog post for Jack Jack, because his 9 month one just didn't happen! ;)  

jack 10 months stomped_0001.jpg

Here we go! 

Jack's 9th Month

  • Jack started pulling himself up...on everything! First it was his playpen (because that's pretty easy to climb), then furniture, and now he's pulling up on anything! 

  • More teeth... 6 to be exact! Jack's top 4 teeth came in within a week or two of each other! It's amazing how teeth made him go from looking like a little babe to a toddler in a matter of DAYS! But we love his toothy grin! 

  • Going from crawling to sitting!  This month Jack figured out how to crawl, get into a sitting position, and then get back into crawling again! 

  • Walking with his walker toy & our hands! Jack crawls if he has to, but he really just likes to walk! This month he's loved using his walker toy & holding our hands to walk. 

  • Feeding himself bananas & puffs!  Jack has figured out how to feed himself, and it's so cute!

  • Saying “dada dada”'s adorable! 

Jack's 10th Month

  • Saying "dog" ...really everything is "dah" these days, BUT every time he sees Ellie he looks at her and says "dah!" So, we think he knows she's a dog! Still no official "mama" or "dada" yet! But Ellie's I get it! ;) 

  • Standing on his own for a few seconds! This month Jack started letting go of things and standing on his own for a few seconds at a time! 

  • Eating finger foods! Bananas, toast, ground beef or turkey...those are our favorites! But he's tried several different pea-sized finger foods, and he's doing well with them! 

  • Big boy baths! Jack is now taking his baths in the big boy tub & loving it! 

  • Dancing! Jack loves to dance to songs now! Especially "do your ears hang low" haha! He has an elephant that Pippa & Pop got him that sings that song, and he loves it! 

  • Books! Jack LOVES books now & "reading" them himself...especially his book from Great Grandma that has a golden retriever in it.  He opens the book to that page, smacks the dog, and says "dah" over and over again! 

This sweet, adventurous, determined, silly boy keeps us on our toes and keeps us laughing! We love him so much! As my mama says... the adventurous, determined part of his personality might be tricky for mommy and daddy at times, but it will serve him well as he gets older! We love you Jack Jack!