Matt & Lauren | ENGAGED!!!

When Matt told me that he was going to propose a few months back, I was so, SO excited! Then when he asked me if I might photograph the proposal, I was even MORE excited (if that was possible!) My favorite thing about being a photographer is capturing emotion and freezing special moments in time so that is can be treasured forever! …So I was 100% on board before my brother even finished telling me the plan for the proposal!

Knowing that the Lynnhaven Pier in Virginia Beach was beautiful (and one of Lauren’s favorite spots), Matt planned to take Lauren to dinner at the café on Lynnhaven Pier, and then propose to her afterwards on the beach!  We met earlier in the day to scope out a proposal location and to talk logistics! The plan was for Matt to text me when he and Lauren were about to leave the restaurant, and then my sweet friend (and amazing assistant) Molly and I would run to our hiding spot to be ready to photograph the proposal! AHHHH!!! SO MANY BUTTERFLIES…and I wasn’t even the one proposing, hahaha!  

We got the “Go, go, go!!” text from Matt, Molly & I ran to our spot and crouched—for what seemed like eternity, but was really probably only 2 or 3 minutes, hahaha! (I know Matt must have been nervous, and we were, too!!!) Then from our hiding spot, we watched Matt and Lauren walk along the beach! Matt stopped her and gave her the gift of a photo album that he’d put together.  He had pages for all of their different experiences and memories, then the last of the pages were blank with the title “When Lauren moved back to Virginia, and something very special happened” …then he got down on one knee!! It was so, SO sweet!!

After a minute, Matt pointed over to our hiding spot to let Lauren know she was on camera! Ha!! Then we did a little ‘mini proposal shoot’ to capture all of the excitement and emotion on camera so that Matt & Lauren could remember their precious moment forever!!! Hands down- this was the best shoot I’ve done! …But I guess I might be a little biased! ;)

I am thrilled to pieces for Matt & Lauren, and I couldn’t choose a better soon-to-be sister in law if I tried!! She has the sweetest heart, and I think you’ll be able to see that in these images! So much joy and love!!! :) 

Congratulations to you, Matt & Lauren! Love you both so, so much!! xoxoxo  

Y'all are precious!! 

Facetiming Lauren's parents!! SO cute! 

I can't even handle how cute this is!!!! 

This one is a favorite!

There were so many photo shoots going on that we had to wait our turn to get under the pier....but it was worth the wait!! 

Just PERFECT!!!!

And then the sun finally popped right below the cloud line to give us a BEAUTIFUL sunset!!! Basically, it was perfect! 

Lauren's ring is stunning!!!