Our Bedroom Makeover | House to Home

Winter is always a little bit slower for me as far as photography goes, because it's so cold outside that it makes outdoor, natural light sessions a bit challenging!  This slower pace (after a crazy busy fall season!!) has given me a chance to focus on some things that got pushed to the bottom of the list, and I'm loving it!  It has been a LONG time since I've shared one of our 'house to home' projects, and I'm so excited to share one with you today!  We've (finally) completed just about everything in our house, and our bedroom is one of my favorite rooms! I love the amount of natural light we get in there! 

Enjoy some before and after photos of our bedroom makeover! 

(P.S. All sources and details will be listed at the end of this post, just in case you're wondering about something!) 



This room that we chose to be our 'master'! It had white walls, basic vertical blinds, and a dated light fixture...basically, it was a blank slate! 


We lived with paper over our windows for a week or two, y'all, until we found window treatments that we liked & that were a good price! Also, you can't see it, but there is just a bulb in the ceiling...no light fixture! It was not so pretty at first, but we loved the wall color & the bedding together!

First arrangement

(Excuse the low light, low quality iphone photo...I'm cringing over here!! But somehow it's the only photo I have of our first furniture arrangement!)

When we first moved in, we put the bed under the far window...the dresser was to the left of the bed, and we had a tall dresser near the closet. You can also see our (first) window treatments here. After we hung them, I realized that they seriously decreased the amount of natural light in the room and they were a yellow color, so when the light shone through them, the room took on a yellow cast... yuck! It was not my favorite! 

We initially put the bed like this, because we wanted to be able to walk in and see the bed and throw pillows. Once we lived in it, though, it felt cramped and awkward. We really weren't using the space well AT ALL!! So, it was time for some rearranging!  

Second (and final!) arrangement:

We moved our bed to a different wall, so that when you walk in the door, it's now on your left. And y'all there is definitely something to be said for furniture placement and the 'flow' of a room!! Putting the bed on this wall (and the dresser on the opposite wall) made the room feel SO much bigger! And it didn't feel like we were 'fighting' to make the space work anymore! That's probably one of the biggest things I've learned from this home makeover...Pinterest is great, but not all of our rooms (okay, none of our rooms! ha!) have large, open layouts with lots of windows like the photos on Pinterest! So, we've learned to work with the space we have, taking elements from our favorite Pinterest photos and playing up the better aspects of our spaces rather than forcing a swoon worthy Pinterest design into a small space! 


We opted for long white curtains in lieu of the 'natural' (yellow-ish) roman shades, and the difference was AMAZING!! Just look at all of that natural light streaming in!!!

AHH the light!

We refinished the ikea dresser above with chalk paint, and you can find that tutorial HERE! ...I'm pretty sure I was the one who put the dresser together, and the drawers are obviously a bit 'wonky' but it's functional and goes with our decor, so we live with it! 

We have an announcement coming soon that will be bringing even more house to home posts to the blog! I can't wait to share the news! (and no, we aren't expecting! haha!) Until then, happy Friday, friends!! :)


Bedding: Linen Source

Headboard: Made by my sweet brother & hubby, but you can find the plans here! Stain is Dark Walnut.

Throw Pillow: Homegoods

Dresser &  Night Stands: Pottery Barn (these were hand-me-downs...amazing hand-me-downs!!!)

 Lamps: Robert had the bases for a long time, but the shades are from TJMaxx

Curtains: Target 

Curtain Rods: Allen + Roth from Lowe's ...I can't find the exact ones but these are similar.

Rug: Rugs USA

White Dresser: Ikea ...paint is Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Pure White... and the drawer pulls are from Black Dog Salvage

'Be Still' Print: Kristin Schmucker Shop