The Boswells | Maternity Session

This sweet family has a special place in my heart!  Lauren is a dear friend and a very special one! Friends, starting a business can be tricky & tough!  There are good days and bad days...and there are people who lift you up and people who knock you down.  That's life! The important thing is that when you find those people who do lift you up and encourage you, you hang on to them!! Lauren is one of those friends that has been there from the beginning cheering me on, and I just love her for that!! 

So, naturally, when Lauren told me she was expecting her second little girl, I was SO excited for her...and SO excited to photograph her sweet, growing family!!  We arrived at Greenfield, a park in Daleville, VA , and it was COLD & WINDY!! I'm not 45 degrees and the wind was gusting at 20-25mph. YIKES!! That was not the spring weather we had hoped for!! We were freezing to the core!

I absolutely love natural light and the soft, glowy images I can capture right after sunrise & right before sunset, but one of the trickiest parts of natural light photography is dealing with the weather.  After about 30 minutes of wind and dropping temperatures (and numb fingers & toes!), we thought it best to call off the shoot for the morning decided to meet up again later when it had warmed up a bit!!  Y'all, I've learned my lesson... if it the weatherman is calling for 20mph winds and temperatures below 50 degrees, it might be best to reschedule the shoot...or at least avoid a wide open field!!! HA! ;) 

Despite the crazy weather, we got some great shots!! Lauren and David are troopers for hanging out in the cold, and I am just in love with little T and her spunky personality! I can't wait to meet her little sister, E, next month!! 

Here are some of my favorites from the Boswells' session!! 

Lauren, you're gorgeous!!! 

Oh you two...this is just perfect!!

You guys are the cutest!!

T wanted to be in the 'kiss the bump' picture too!!

Oh my goodness...look at that model face!!

Such a dollbaby!! 

Awww...y'all are just too precious!