Yasmine & Jordan | Cap & Gown Session

At the beginning of this week I did my last photo shoot with my first two senior representatives!! It was so bittersweet! When I had the idea to start a senior representative program last spring, I had no idea where to start! I talked to one of my friends who is a cheerleading coach at Salem High School (Lindsay, you’re wonderful!!) and after explaining my program to her, I asked her if she could recommend some rising senior girls that might be a good fit! 

I basically ‘cold called’ Yasmine & Jordan and their parents and asked them to be a part of this new program! It was a risk, and I was so nervous, but it totally paid off!! They hopped on board, and what happened was amazing!! 

Y’all, these two girls were the absolute BEST senior representatives! I could not have asked for two more sweet, amazing girls to be the face of the APP Senior Representative Program for 2016!! They were so supportive, had awesome ideas, and helped this program grow SO much within just a year!! I will always be so grateful for these two and all of their help getting this program off the ground! I got to know them over the past year, and am going to miss their beautiful faces & sweet hearts so, so much!!!

Happy graduation day, girls!!! I wish you both all of the best as you begin this new chapter!!! I just know y’all are going to do amazing things! (And I’m going to stop there because I’m getting a little teary! #allthefeels) <3 

Now, some of my favorites from their combined senior representative cap & gown session!! :)