Primland | Personal

I've been meaning to share about our trip to Primland for a while now, but time has just gotten away from me!! It seems like this fall has FLOWN by!!! Can anyone else relate?!  How is it already November 11th?!  

Anyway, back in October Robert and I went with his sister & brother-in-law to Primland for their anniversary weekend!  They've been married for 7 years!! How awesome is that?!  Robert and I are still counting in months, so 7 years seems SO long! ;)  Primland is described as a 'luxury mountain resort'...and it is unlike anything I have ever seen!! We drove through Floyd, VA to get to the resort, and it was absolutely GORGEOUS...mountains, farms, fall leaves, overlooks!! It felt like we were driving into the the middle of nowhere, though!!  After we passed through the front gate of the resort, we drove and drove...the land was beautiful, but I wasn't convinced we were ever going to get to the lodge!!!! Finally after about 10 or 15 minutes, we pulled up to this BEAUTIFUL building!! 

The interior of this place was even more spectacular...and I'm kicking myself for not taking any pictures!!!  I would describe the lodge as having a luxurious, rustic/farmhouse feel.  It was awesome! We had lunch at the lodge and then headed out for the main reason we visited the shoot sporting clays!!  

Primland has an awesome sporting clay course.  Each station has clays that mimic a certain animal...for example there were 'duck' and 'bird' stations where the clays flew into the air and we had to shoot them, and then there was a 'rabbit' station where the clays rolled and bounced on the ground (that one was the hardest for me!!!)  

At each station our guide launched 6 clays for each of us (we took turns shooting)...this was our first station...and I missed ALL of them!!  While I've had some shooting experience with our family in Alabama, I had never attempted to shoot a MOVING target!!  At the end of the day, I hit some of them...but y'all, I really hope I never have to actually hunt for my food. I'm no good.  I'll just be a gatherer...nuts and berries all the way for this girl! HA!   Robert, on the other hand, was really good!! He hit a few right off the bat!

What made the shooting even more challenging was that it was raining on & off the entire time!! When Sami & Zach suggested the trip, I was excited but a little nervous!! Shooting clays sounded so intimidating!! After the first station or two, though, it got easier...and it was such an awesome, fun experience! 

You two make 7 years of marriage look GREAT!!!!!

If you've ever shot a shotgun before, you know that sometimes they kickback.  We were shooting a 20 gauge, so the kickback wasn't too bad.  After a little while, though, I was SO glad that I had my puffy vest with me! It added a little more cushion...STILL I had a sore, bruised shoulder the next day! 

After we finished the clay course, we toured the grounds around the lodge...the views from this place were absolutely spectacular!!! Primland has a great golf course, horseback riding, hiking trails, ATV trails, and so many other fun 'nature-y' things that you can do! We made Primland a day trip, but you can also spend the night!! There are rooms in the lodge and they have cabins for rent, as well!!  Robert and I have already talked about visiting again in the spring- I'm sure it will be absolutely gorgeous when everything is in bloom!  Well, I feel like I unintentionally just wrote a resort review...HA! On that note...if you want to learn more about Primland, you can do that here!