Matt | Senior Session

I have done several senior sessions this year, and each one has been so different!! I'm loving it!! I met Matt & his family at his family's house for his senior portraits, and their property was beautiful! (It made me wish we had a wooded back yard!)

Matt is a member of the Pride of Salem Marching Band at Salem High School, so in addition to his 'traditional' senior portraits, we took some with his trumpet!! I had never photographed an instrument before, so this was really fun! During his session I asked Matt about the marching band, specifically what they did when it was really cold at the football games (it was pretty chilly during his session, so the temperature was on my mind!) He basically said that they just grin & bear it! Can you imagine playing an instrument and doing all of the marching band choreography...on a 40 degree (or below) night!?! That takes some serious talent & concentration!  Luckily, for our session the temperature was in the high 40s/low 50s... still, that felt cold to me!  I'm looking forward to my December, January, and February sessions when we REALLY have to bundle!! Are you ready for the cold weather ?! ;) 

Here are a few of my favorites from Matt's session!