House to Home: Full Bath | House to Home

Today I am so excited to share our (almost finished!!) full bath!  Most of the rooms I am going to be sharing with you are 'almost finished'...I don't know if our home will ever be COMPLETELY finished. I hope it will be, but it seems like once I 'finish' a room, a few weeks later I decide that...this table might look better over there, that wall needs a picture, and a different lamp shade would make that table look perfect. HA! Robert thinks I'm crazy...and he might be right! But I keep telling myself that eventually we'll get it just right! And then we'll be done! ;)

When we moved into this house, we knew that the first thing we wanted to change was the full bath...and we knew we wanted to change it a TON!  We got this house in February of 2014 and started demo at the beginning of March (about 2 months before our wedding...CRAZY, I know!!) We took out the tub and the shower, took out the vanity, pulled up the existing floor, and even tore down walls!! It was a MAJOR renovation!! We started off trying to do it all ourselves (and honestly, we DID do most of it ourselves) but we had to call in a plumber, an electrician, and family for reinforcement at some points!  

I was nervous when we didn't have it finished when May 10th rolled around...two weeks before our wedding date last year!! Honestly y'all, I was seriously considering calling HGTV to ask them if they could send someone from one of their shows to come help us!! HA! THANKFULLY we have some amazing family members and they got it to a point where it was 'livable' by the time we got back from our honeymoon!! This meant that the shower was in place and working, the walls were painted (we didn't want to ruin the newly installed drywall with steam), and the tile was grouted and sealed.  We had no vanity and no toilet in that bathroom for a few weeks! Luckily we had a half bath with a toilet and a the house was, like I said, livable! 

A week or two after we got back from our honeymoon we got the vanity and toilet into the bathroom- thanks again to some help from our wonderful family!!  

Blood, sweat, and tears went into this renovation (the tears were mine...and there were lots of them!) and we worked HARD.  We learned a TON ...and we felt seriously accomplished afterwards.  And I don't think that I ever want to do a major DIY renovation project again! HA! We don't mind painting, hanging lights, or doing other little cosmetic things, but next time I think we'll hire the professionals for the really tough stuff!! ;)

Without further are some before & afters of our full bath makeover!! 


the vanity...before:

the vanity...during:


the vanity...after: 

Still need an outlet cover there, ha! 

Still need an outlet cover there, ha! 

the toilet...before: 


the toilet...after: 

the shower...before & during: 

installing insulation:

Took some precautions with the insulation. I ended up itchy anyway! 

Took some precautions with the insulation. I ended up itchy anyway! 

 the shower progress & after: 

And finally the floor! Before, during (we found the blue and white tile under the floor) and after: