Claytor Lake Memories | Personal

Looking through our engagement photos today and reminiscing about so many fun memories on Claytor Lake! 

One of my favorite memories on Claytor Lake was right after Robert and I started dating (over 7 years ago!!!) It was fourth of July weekend and we decided to take the boat out with friends for one last boat ride.  The sun was setting and we were so excited to watch the fireworks on the water! 

After being out for about an hour, we decided it was time to head back in…but the boat wouldn’t start!! We tried and tried and eventually had to resort to paddling with the emergency oars!! (Somehow out of 4 high schoolers not one of us thought to bring a cell phone?!)  Luckily, Robert’s dad had a feeling that something must have happened after we didn’t come home, and he sent Robert’s aunt and uncle (who thankfully had a boat!!) to rescue us!

Two years ago today we met Katelyn & Michael at Claytor Lake for our engagement session, and I can still remember the excitement (and nervousness!!!) I felt as we were pulling up to the parking lot!! I had been following Katelyn’s photography for a couple of years, and I was FINALLY going to meet her!! Seriously, y’all…I was being a major fan girl!!  Looking back it’s funny to me how nervous I was to meet THE Katelyn James!! Yes…she is an amazing wedding photographer and one of the best in the industry, but she’s also one of the sweetest most genuine people I’ve ever met!! 

Katelyn was one of the first people to encourage me to start my photography business! Just as she has inspired so many others, she inspired me and gave me the extra push I needed to make my dreams a reality!! Today I’m feeling so grateful my sweet wedding photographer who has become a great friend…and for these amazing, joy filled images she captured for us at one of our favorite places! 


If you’d like to see more from our Claytor Lake engagement session, head over to Katelyn’s blog