Jessica | Maternity Session

When I met Jessica and Ryan a couple of weeks ago, I could tell instantly that we were going to have a great session! I always begin my sessions by explaining how I pose, and right off the bat, Jessica and Ryan nailed it!! It wasn’t until halfway through the session that Ryan told me he didn’t exactly love having his picture taken!!!  I could hardly believe it, because both Jessica and Ryan were such naturals!! Seriously, looking at these images, you’d think these two have their portraits taken all the time! And by the end of the session, Ryan was an expert nuzzler…ha!!! 

As we chatted during their session, we realized that we graduated from the same high school only a few years apart, had several friends in common, and somehow we hadn’t ever met each other!  If you’re from a small town like us, you know that doesn’t happen often!!  These two have the sweetest personalities, and I just know that their baby girl will be so loved when she arrives next month!! 

Here are some of my favorites from their session! 

This was one of the very first shots we took! See...naturals!

Jessica, you're gorgeous!!

I love how the sun peeked out from behind the clouds for this one!! 

This one is a favorite!

And so is this one! ;) 

You're stunning, Jessica!!

Another favorite!