Emily Parker | Senior Session

I have been so blessed with the clients that have come my way this spring!! They have all been so sweet and genuine…and Emily is no exception!! From the minute I met her in the parking lot, she was so bubbly, kind, and fun to talk to! 

When I book with my clients (especially my seniors) I always ask them to tell me a little bit about themselves! As I read over Emily’s hobbies and the things she enjoys, I couldn’t help but notice how much we have in common! She loves to bake (specifically cupcakes!…the best & prettiest of the desserts, in my opinion!), she was involved in Campus Crusades, she loves browsing garage sales and farmers markets, and she loves to sing & dance!! Seriously Emily, if I had met you in college, I think we would have been great friends! ;) Emily is also a member of the Chi Delta Alpha service sorority & has a heart for older adults & special olympics!! 

She will be graduating from Virginia Tech (at the end of this week!!! yay!!!) with a degree in Human Development, and she is continuing her education to become a licensed professional counselor! You go girl!! 

Congratulations to you, Emily, for completing your undergraduate journey! I know we just chatted for a short bit, but in that short time, I could tell that you’re such a special lady with a wonderful heart! You’re going to bring lots of smiles to so many faces throughout your life! I wish you the best of luck in the future, pretty girl!! 

Here are some of my favorites from Emily’s session!

Look at those blue eyes!!!

This is definitely a favorite! Emily, you're precious!

Sometimes during your session you meet new friends...this is Audrey! She was a service dog, and now she's a very well behaved, amazingly sweet pet! She sat, spoke, shook, and high-fived on command for us! Look at her giving her model face for the camera!! ;) That look just melts my heart!!!

Oh Emily, you're gorgeous, girlfriend!!


Work it, girl!! ;)

Another favorite!! Emily, you have such a great smile!!

She told me she didn't really have a model face but that she would 'try'!!! Um...NAILED IT...and it's gorgeous!