Katie | Senior Session

A couple of weeks ago, Katie and I met up for her senior session in downtown Roanoke.  Initially we had planned her session for a few weeks prior, but is was rained out.  I’m actually so glad that we decided to postpone, because we had a beautiful, sunny September evening for her session…well, sunny and HOT! I think Katie’s session might take the cake for hottest session EVER! And somehow she managed to look absolutely gorgeous and glamorous the whole time! I was amazed! 

Katie’s friend, Abbey (who is also one of my Senior Reps!), came along to help Katie with her outfits, and I had so much fun chatting with them! They’re both cheer captains at Salem High School, and WAY back in the day (ha! ;)) I was a cheerleader at salem, too! So, it was fun to share stories and talk about what has and hasn’t changed over the years! 

Katie was a natural in front of the camera, and she is so sweet, so she made my job pretty easy! ;) 

After we wrapped up Katie’s session we headed over to Bayou Snowballs on the market! We decided about half way through that we’d treat ourselves if we could make it through the session…ha! Y’all, it was really THAT hot!  The snowballs (shaved ice) were the best treat after a scorching session! 

I absolutely love how Katie’s urban images turned out, and personally, I think she could be a model! ;)  Thank you, Katie, for letting me capture this special milestone for you! 

Here are my favorites from Katie's Downtown Roanoke Senior Session! 


Oh my goodness...Katie, you're stunning!!

Love these on the walkway! 

The light here was SO pretty!! 

So, so pretty!! And Katie, your hair is perfect!! I don't know how you managed to still look amazing after being in the heat for like 1.5 hours!?!

Love this one...and that golden glow!