Liam | Newborn Session

I’ve known Jennie since we were teenagers and we cheered together in high school, so when she asked me to photograph her precious baby boy, I was so excited!! So many high school friends are pregnant and having babies these days, and I just love seeing all of the precious baby bumps & babies on my social media feeds!  

Little Liam came a few weeks early, and then Jennie had to go back to the hospital because of some complications right after he was born! They had a rough first month, so we ended up doing Liam’s session when he was about six weeks old!  Generally I try to do newborn sessions sometime during the first two weeks after baby arrives, but childbirth is tough and things happen, so that can’t always be the case! And that's totally fine...we always make it work! ;) 

Working with an ‘older’ baby (if you can even call six weeks old ‘older’ ha!) can sometimes be tricky, because some babies are much more alert after the first month!  But, little Liam was an absolute angel for his session!! He slept for 90% of it and just snuggled with his mommy & daddy while he was awake! 

I also met Orie & Ava, Jennie & Quinn’s pups, and they’re just adorable!  They LOVE Liam and are definitely very watchful and protective of him.  It’s so sweet!

Jennie & Quinn, thank you for asking me to capture this sweet season for y’all! 

Here are my favorites from Liam’s session! 

P.S. Liam has the most adorable head of hair! Just wait until you see some of these photos!