Mama Musings: Jack's 3rd Month

Our little guy is 3 months old!! (Or was on the 4th- we're a few days late ;)) 

New this month:

  • HUGE grins! And we’re SO close to a giggle! 
  • Chewing on his hands! Jack always has his hands in his mouth these days, and it seems like we might be in for some teething soon!
  • Grabbing toys & blankets and bringing them to his mouth! 
  • Sleeping in his own room! (Such a big boy!) & sleeping through the night consistently - 9pm to 8am! (Thank you Mom's On Call method!!) 
  • Looking at the world! Jack is not as happy facing us anymore— he likes to sit on our lap and face out so that he can see the world! 
  • Officially wearing 6m clothing!
  • Jack LOVES his new fisher price play mat that has a piano near his feet! He loves that he can make noise :) 
  • He has figured out that he can splash, slide, and wiggle all around in the tub! Mommy is always soaked after bath time these days! ;) 

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