Michael | Roanoke Senior Session

I almost can’t believe it! My brother in law is graduating from high school in May!! Robert and I have known each other since we were in middle school, and I remember meeting Michael when he was FOUR!! I was helping with a soccer camp that he was attending, and I remember this little blonde boy in a tie-dye shirt running around the field, ha!  He was so cute! Now he’s all grown up— a kind, smart, talented guy!  

Michael has incredible musical talent...I honestly don’t know that I’ve ever met anyone who can play as many musical instruments as him! And the amazing thing is that he can play them all so well!  From a young age we could all tell that Michael had an ear for music, and he just continues to blow me away with that talent the older he gets! Whether its the steel drum, regular drums, the piano, or the guitar, it’s always so much fun to hear him play! 

I remember a year or so ago that Michael stayed with us at our house for a weekend, and while I was working he played on the piano for a couple of hours…it was like a had my own personal piano concert, and it was WONDERFUL! I’ve been trying to get him to record a CD for years ;)  

I’m so thankful to have known Michael for as long as I have, because it has been like I’ve had a second younger brother :) We’re so proud of you, Mike!! And we're so looking forward to cheering you on as you take on this new chapter in your life!