Mama Musings: Jack's 4th Month

We’re a few days late, but little Jack turned 4 months old this past Monday, December 4th! He is so much fun these days!

New this month: 

  • Full on giggles and lots & lots of smiles! 
  • Chewing & sucking on his fingers a TON (we’ve all but dropped the paci!) 
  • Playing with and grabbing toys with precision! 
  • Sitting in his ‘sit me up’ chair...but enjoys his play mat with the piano even more
  • LOVES watching his (puppy) sister do just about anything 
  • Talks to us (and himself) ALL THE TIME and hollers at mommy if she isn’t paying enough attention to him ;) 
  • So. much. drool. 
  • Enjoying tummy time more & more (he doesn't get mad and roll anymore!) 
  • LOVES the mirror and looking at himself 
  • His first big trip! Jack made an 9 hour (turned into 11 hrs) trip to Alabama for Thanksgiving!
  • Grabbing mommy’s hair and hanging on tight! 
  • Sleep sacks (officially no more swaddle!)
  • He is getting looooong! He went from 50th percentile to 86th percentile in 2 months! 

A few photos from our time in Alabama! Photo credit goes to my super talented cousin, Blake

And our trip to the Christmas Tree farm!