Mama Musings: Jack's 5th Month

Well, I'm about 2 weeks late posting this, but Jack turned 5 months old on January 4th! 

Here's what was new this month: 

  • Oatmeal- Jack started eating oatmeal at 4 months old, and he loves it mixed with a little bit of apple juice! :) 
  • Sit Me Up- Jack has loved sitting in his 'sit me up' chair and being able to look around! He is also starting to love his exersaucer! 
  • Sticking his tongue out- This was a new development at the end of the Jack's 4th month, haha! He's figured out that he can stick his tongue out, and likes to practice all the time! ;) 
  • Grabbing his feet & toes- Jack has officially figured out that he has toes, and he loves to play with them! Almost every time he's on his back he's grabbing for his toes...they haven't made it to his mouth yet, though! ;)
  • Chewing, chewing, and more chewing! -But we don't have a tooth yet! Jack is chewing and drooling like crazy these days! It's actually hard to keep his hands and/or toys out of his mouth!
  • Hair! - Little Jack Jack's hair is starting to come back in! When Jack was about a month old his head started to grow more quickly than his hair, and he has looked bald for a while now! But there's some definite growth going on these days! 


five months_0001.jpg
five months_0002.jpg