Sami | Maternity Session

Oh my goodness...friends, this shoot was a dream!! Golden light, a soft flowy dress, the Blue Ridge Mountains, and a beautiful soon-to-be mama of two...does it get any better?! ;) 

Sami is my sweet sister-in-law, and she is expecting a little boy in May! Robert and I can't wait to be an uncle and aunt again!! It is so much fun having nieces and nephews!! We can hang out with them and love on them...and then when things start to get really wild & crazy...we can go home! HA! I'm kidding...sort of!! It really is wonderful, though, to have several little ones running around when the family gets together...they bring so much joy (and energy!!) to every occasion! 

We can't wait to welcome this sweet little boy into the family in May!! 

Y'all, I had such a hard time narrowing down my favorites from this session, so I decided that I'm just going to share lots!! Here are some (a bunch!!) of my favorites from Sami's session!! 

Golden hour!! We got a few great glowy shots before the sun sank behind the mountains!! 

And then there was THIS light!! was a dream!!!

I loved these 'cat tail' looking things in this field!! Sami warned me that they could be prickly (she was avoiding them), but I wasn't too worried.  I was doing my typical 'do whatever to get the shot' moves...and I walked right into one. The plant literally attacked me!!! I had these things ALL OVER my sweater and my scarf...and a few down my boot!! Lesson learned...these are definitely 'look but don't touch' plants!!! ;) 

Sami! You are too cute!! 


We were shooting under a blue and pink cotton candy sky!! 

Loving this soft pink light and the way it worked with Sami's dress!!!